Carbon Vessels and Specialty Media

Mako has filtration vessels and the filtration media to meet your treatment requirements. We are committed to providing the highest quality products while meeting your specifications, schedule and budget.

Liquid Filter Product Lines
• MLC-LP Drum Filters - Drum based filters Flow rate range to 20 GPM - Pressure up to 15 PSIG

• MLC-MP Series Filters - Tank Based - Medium Pressure Flow rate range 1~500 GPM - Pressure up to 75 PSIG

• MLC-HP Series - Tank Based - High Pressure Flow rate range 1~1000 GPM - Pressure up to 150 PSIG

• Packaged and Engineered Systems including Skid Mounting, Manifolds, Backwash Systems & Custom Engineering

Air Filter Product Lines
• MAC-LAF Series Filters - Drum based filters Flows to 500 CFM

• MAC-MAF Series Filters - Tank based - High Vacuum Flows from 20 to 1000 CFM - High Vacuum

• MAC-HAF Series Filters - Tank based - High Flow Flow rate range 50 to 5000 CFM - Low Pressure Drop Series

• Packaged and Engineered Systems including Skid Mounting.

Other Services
• Media Change-out Service

• Rental Systems

• Training and Start-up Services

• OSHA Certified Technicians

• Integration into Existing Systems

• Operator Interface Electric Control Panels

• Delivery and Pick-up Services

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Model Specifications and Schematics

Filtration Media

Mako Industries inventories a wide array of time tested as well as state-of-the-art filtration medias including anthracite, Birm©, iron removal, re-activated carbon, virgin carbon, OrganoClay© filter-lite, specialized heavy metal removal media, manganese greensand, polymer enhanced carbon, MTBE removal carbon and filter sand. Our filtration specialists will gladly assist you in choosing the media that will meet your specifications.

Varieties Available

Crushed Anthracite is an excellent medium density filtration media. It offers longer filter runs, less head loss, and better backwash rates than comparable sands. Due to its unique density (56 lbs./sq. ft.), it remains above heavier media providing prefiltration. Birm© is an economical way of removing iron and magnesium compounds from raw water. It offers an cost advantages since it is not consumed by the iron removal process. And due to its physical characteristics, it is easily cleaned by backwashing. Reactivated Carbon is quality-screened for activity, density and fines. It is a lower cost alternative where drinking water is not necessary, and in most cases exceeds imported virgin carbon. It is sold in bulk, or installed in our filtration units and traced by lot numbers. Virgin Carbon is quality screened for activity, density and fines. It is recommended where drinking water quality is necessary. It is sold in bulk, or installed in our filtration units and traced by lot numbers. OrganoClay© is a granular modified clay water filtration medium. It is a specially treated blend of bentonite and anthracite and can remove emulsified oil, grease, heavy metals and chlorinated hydrocarbons. As a pre-treatment, it provides longer run times and cuts operational costs. Filter Lite Granuals offer maximum removal of suspended matter and can be applied to gravity flow and pressurized systems. Filter lite offers economical savings on backwash rates and is ideal for smaller equipment. Manganese Greensand can remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide through oxidation and filtration. Once the oxidizing power of manganese greensand is exhausted, a small amount of potassium permanganate is used to restore it to full oxidation capacity. MTBE Removal Carbon is designed for methyl tertbutyl ether (MTBE). From ground water, its pore structure is ideal for trace and weakly absorbed organics. Its capacity for MTBE slightly exceeds standard carbon. Filter Sand is a naturally occurring, river-washed, glacial deposit product. It is a high silica, low calcium/ magnesium/iron product. Its precision size and chemical properties make it an ideal water filtration product and meets the rigid specifications of engineers worldwide. MetalSorb is a very effective media for the removal of heavy metals, particularly lead, as well as zinc, copper, chrome, plus many other heavy metals,from aqueous waste streams. MetalSorb is easily back washed further enhancing its cost effectiveness.