Mako environmental remediation systems are made in the USA.
We are proud of our reputation for creating reliable, efficient systems.
From water treatment systems to soil remediation systems,
Mako Industries has the right equipment for your remediation needs.


Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizers

Gas Fired Thermal / Catalytic Oxidizers with low, medium or high vacuum vapor extraction packages. Designed with high efficiency, space saving footprints and industrial quality, these units are built to last.

100 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV)
250 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV)
500 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV
300 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (HV)
400 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (HV)
2000 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (DG)
4000 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (DG)


Electric Catalytic Oxidizers

Low, medium vacuum or high vacuum vapor extraction packages. With energy efficiency, and space saving footprints, these units are built to last.

100 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
250 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
500 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
300 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (HV)
400 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (HV)

Vapor Extraction/Air Injection Systems

Low, medium or high vacuum blowers. Systems configured for negative suction or positive discharge to carbon treatment and or direct discharge to atmosphere. Mako's going green with our new "Off Grid" Solar powered Vapor Extraction system. Air Injection packages with medium to high pressure ranges for both water and soil air injection applications.

100 CFM VES (MV)
250 CFM VES (MV)
500 CFM VES (MV)
300 CFM VES (HV)
400 CFM VES (HV)
100 MKVES (Green Power)

Ozone/Oxygen Injection Systems

High quality ozone production and Oxygen Injection Systems. Mako high industrial quality injection packages are state of the art , built to last.

3 Pound
6 Pound
240 Pound

Water Treatment Systems

Mako manufactures groundwater remediation with air strippers and carbon adsorption canisters. Mako can also custom engineer these systems to any of your site specific requirements.

1-25 GPM WTS
1-250 GPM WTS

Carbon Filtration Systems

For VOC / Chlorinated Solvent abatement for vapors and liquids. Our change-out services are timely and cost effective.

Filtration Vessels and Media

Spare Parts

We offer OEM replacement parts to help keep your remediation equipment on line. Discounts for quantity orders.

Ozone Parts
Blower Parts
Oxidizer Parts
Panel Parts