Mako Industries draws on the combined experiences of career environmental equipment manufacturers, environmental consultants, and technical service personnel paired with a professional sales staff to deliver remediation systems and services to the highest levels possible.

Mako Industries manufacturing relies on two guiding principles.

  • Robust Design

    Systems provided must be easy to operate. Remediation systems are often placed in a variety of locations, many of which are remote. Mako Industries feels it is important to provide systems that will operate continuously with a minimal amount of service issues. Saving time and money on keeping systems running pays huge dividends through the life of the project.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    Remediation systems need to be able to be easily maintained. Although systems can become quite complex, Mako Industries endeavors to manufacture systems that are easily maintained using normal maintenance procedures, with spare parts available from a variety of sources. With proper maintenance, Mako Industries systems can and do last a decade before any updating becomes necessary.

Mako Industries specializes in customer service. Your calls will be given the highest priority. With a commitment to answer or return your call as soon as possible or within one business day.

Service personnel are some of the highest trained in the industry. You can be assured you will be treated professionally and courteously