System Spotlight: Enclosures

February 2012

Self Contained Dual-Phase Vapor Extraction System

Mako has a large selection of remediation systems that are available for rental or pilot testing. Many of our systems come with AQMD various locations permits.

Whether your site calls for testing for 1 day or 30 days (or more), Mako will give you the options to have the type of system you want and the level of service you want.

Mako allows the customer to choose whether the pilot test will be manned by our factory-trained technicians or the customerís own personnel. Since Mako systems are easy to operate and easy to maintain, our customers are allowed to operate the systems themselves saving costs that other system providers make mandatory.

Pilot and Vapor Extraction Testing

Mako Industries manufactures totally enclosed remediation systems that meet national standards for safety. These enclosures have the added benefit of increased security and noise reduction.

Mako Class 1 Division 2 enclosures are utilized when flammable gases or vapors may be present in the air in sufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable in abnormal conditions. Enclosures include such features as rigid conduit, pressurized or sealed-off panels, LEL monitoring and specialized layouts to meet specific requirements.

Safety, Security and Noise reduction

Trailer or Skid Mounted Designs

Both fully mobile and skid mounted systems are manufactured to strict specifications.


Minimize exposure to theft and vandalism by having your remediation systems safely and securely contained by one of our custom enclosure designs.

More Details

Totally Enclosed Remediation Systems
Contains SVE/Oxidizer


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